Lost in Six Billion Dreams

Chapter 1:Crossings
In which Viola Collins moves to England with her parents, and has a strange dream.
Chapter 2:The Leaning Georgian
In which Viola goes exploring in her new surroundings and comes across a very strange house. She then falls off the roof of a building, but never touches the ground.
Chapter 3: The Floating Forest
In which Viola lands in the bay of the weird city of Sovain, built on the roots of a floating forest. She soon forgets everything about her life back in England, and adopts the name Firea.
Chapter 4: Nightsom
In which Viola, now named Firea, meets Evander and Fabian Nightsom, two members of a strange race called "Maginarians".
Chapter 5: The Beast in the Labyrinth
In which Firea travels to Galladin, and gets trapped in a maze by her own fear.
More to come.