The Gillis Gazette is a monthly student newspaper of Dr. John Hugh Gillis High School, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. All content is produced by high school students under the supervision of a teacher advisor and the principal.

A Brief History of the Gazette

The school newspaper committee was formed sometime in the eighties under the name “The Regional Times”. The paper was one page long and printed by the Casket Printing and Publishing. Although the paper was well received, the newspaper committee soon disbanded as the workload became too much. In the year 2002, the newspaper was re-started under the name “The Royal Read”, named after the school’s mascot, the Royals. In 2004 the name changed to “The Gillis Gazette” after students complained that “The Royal Read” sounded like bathroom reading material.

How the Gazette is Produced

Articles are first collected and edited using Microsoft Word. Layout is also done in Microsoft word. The basic style guide is bold Arial 16pt for headlines, bold Arial 14pt for titles, Times New Roman 12pt for author’s names and Times New Roman 10pt for body text. The masthead is Americana. Each issue is eight letter size pages long, except for the September and June issues, which were four pages long, and the February guide to winter carnival, which was only two pages long. All images are edited using Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

Around 200-300 copies of each issue of the Gazette are produced, though this is not an accurate gage of the readership since the issues are circulated and recycled. Circulation is not an issue as the Gazette is free to all students and staff. Publication is done in the main office, using the photocopiers and duplicators. The newspaper committee has a small budget and in previous years has also done advertising to support student council.

The Gazette in 2005-2006

From September 2005 to June 2006 the editor of The Gillis Gazette was Catherine Holloway. Ten issues were produced. Sept '05 was a special Ninth Grade edition introducing student council to the new students. Oct '05 had a focus on Walkathon, Nov '05 featured an article on Rememberance Day, and Dec '05 had stories about starting student businesses and Music of the Night. In January, renowned humanitarian Stephen Lewis came to Antigonish, and the Gazette covered his lecture. February was the winter carinval guide, and March had the state of the union address. April provided some clarity on the infamous Health Centre controversy, May covered Student Council elections, and June profiled Nichola Goddard, a soldier who died in Afghanistan who graduated from Dr. JH Gillis.

Next year the editor of the Gazette will be Liz Murphy, a skilled reporter who covered the student council elections and has been on the newspaper committee for several years.

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